My sex toy journey

My sex toy journey starts with the perverted ex-boyfriend D. Why is he perverted? Because he likes to stuff anything into any hole in a woman. Not an exaggeration. "anything"? From penis, fingers, to strips of vegetables and fruits. "Any hole"? From the vagina, mouth, to the anus. Although every man (woman) has sexual fantasies, if you actively turn any unrealistic sexual fantasies into reality and force your partner to cooperate, then you are really selfish and perverted to the extreme. Of course, as a modern woman, I will stand up and speak for my rights, and I will say no to unreasonable demands, even if the result is a breakup. Because you don't want to indulge a man into a beast who disrespects women and raise a potential criminal of sexual violence.

Unconsciously, it became serious. Having said that, I am still very grateful to the perverted ex-boyfriend D for leading me into the door of sex toys. Because before you come into contact with sex toys, you won't know that your sex is not in the hands of men. Sexual desire is human instinct. It is completely normal for women to pursue their own pleasures, and there is no need to feel ashamed. And men actually appreciate women who can enjoy sex. If you can find a healthy and bright road to explore various sexual possibilities, it will lead you to another level of joy, and you will find that this is a journey of infinite possibilities.