Choose a penis ring that makes you comfortable

Whether in love or in marriage, the quality of sex life is very important. It can make the relationship between two people better. When you have sex with your dear one, the hearts of both people will be together.

Speaking of the quality of sex life, we have to mention the endurance of men. In the process of sex, men play a dominant role. Both men and women have different orgasms. Women's orgasms often come later. If men do not last, it is very It may affect women's enjoyment of orgasm, and then affect the quality of sex between both parties.

To make women orgasm, men’s lasting is necessary. Now I want to tell the majority of male friends that sex toys can make you more lasting. The vibrating penis ring we are going to introduce today is such a kind of sex that can make men more lasting. Supplies!

What is a penis ring?

The penis ring is actually also called the sperm lock ring. Its function is to delay the time of male ejaculation, improve the lasting sex, while constantly stimulating the sensitive parts of men, making men's sex better.

The volume of the penis ring is small, mainly in the shape of a ring, because it needs to be put on a man's penis. Another function of the penis ring is vibration. The vibration of the penis ring has a variety of vibration modes. The user's feelings can range from slow to severe. The pleasure of the vibration will continue to hit the user's penis, and the orgasm will occur unconsciously.

With the advancement of science and technology, the design of the penis ring is getting better and better, allowing men to enjoy unlimited orgasm.

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How to use the penis ring?

If you need to use a condom, please put it on in advance, and then put the penis ring on the penis, but please note that the vibrator on the ring needs to be located above the penis, with a bump in front of the vibrator. Let the bump forward.

After making love, don't forget to remove the penis ring in time.

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How to choose the best penis ring for you?

As a hobby user of penis rings, I have some experience to share with you. When choosing, you must choose your own color and style, otherwise you will be in a bad mood. There is also a very important point, everyone should choose the size that suits them, otherwise it will make you uncomfortable.

When choosing, you must pay attention to the experience of use. The vibration mode of the product and the feeling of the effect in the vibration process are used as an important basis for judgment. As a sex toy that touches the private parts of both parties, you must choose a safe, Only materials that are harmless to the human body can enjoy the pleasure of orgasm together.

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