Best sex toy I have ever played

Regarding sex toys, if they are used healthily and correctly, it will lead you to another level of joy, and you will find that this is an infinitely possible journey. Next, please follow me to get to know the sex toys that I have personally played with.

1. Vibrating egg

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One day a few years ago, I was hanging out with my boyfriend. After eating and drinking in several restaurants, I went back to the car and fell asleep. I don't know how long I slept, but I was awakened by a strange shock. It was already dark and the car was parked in the dark. My boyfriend held a vibrating egg in his hand and pressed it against my private parts, and then I climaxed unconsciously between fright and surprise. Because the first time I came into contact with sex toys, I obviously came completely unprepared. Of course, the piston movement I have been accustomed to for a long time is not as good as an artificial motor. After only a few seconds before and after, I was in a climax.

When being stripped, I always think about whether I have fat on my waist today. When making love, I care about whether my expression is good or not, and the groans are not charming. After using for a period of time, the vibrator has changed from the 3p object of our sex to me. Good time alone. There is no need to please each other, twisting hard, deep throats, enduring strange smells, etc. You can stretch your legs and get a good night's sleep in just a few seconds.

Compared with other sex toys, the vibrating egg has a great advantage, that is, it can directly attack the G-spot, allowing people to quickly enter the orgasm, and there is no discomfort of foreign bodies intruding into the body, and the price is relatively cheap.

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2. Penis vibration ring

The penis vibration ring is placed on the end of the penis closest to the body. During sex, it can increase the frequency of hitting the female clitoris, and it can also vibrate to your penis at the same time, thereby increasing the pleasure of both parties. Some men always disdain this kind of sex toys used on the male side, because they like each female partner to be climaxed by themselves. But in fact, wearing a vibrating ring does not mean that men’s abilities are insufficient, but to increase the pleasure of sex. Some women’s body structures are not prone to vaginal orgasm, but only clitoral orgasm. At this time, if the male partner wears a penis vibration ring, it can better stimulate the clitoris and increase the chance of orgasm.

Compared with other hand-held vibration products, using the penis vibration ring during sex will not neglect the other half, and when your hands are free, doesn't it increase the possibility of teasing in other parts?

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3. Kegel sphere

Kegel sphere cannot bring women orgasms, but it is highly evaluated internationally. Many women have benefited from it in their sex lives. So girls, please look farther and don’t cling to the orgasms in front of you for the time being.

When you put a little bit of lubrication and Kegel sphere into the vagina, it will bring an itchy stimulus. In addition, the vibration will also cause the muscles in the vagina to contract naturally. It is a very good Kegel exercise. Increasing the experience of sex life can also improve postpartum vaginal relaxation or urinary incontinence.

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4. Massage stick

I don’t know if you have ever watched such a video, an AV actress who claims to never have an orgasm, fights against a massage stick that is said to definitely make you orgasm. In the film, the representative of the manufacturer of the vibrator took the vibrator and attacked the actress's lower body. At first, the actress looked serious and serious, but after all she could not resist the frequency conversion attack of the vibrator. The AV girlfriend had an uncontrolled orgasm. This video is actually It was filmed by a massage stick manufacturer to advertise its own products.

A variety of vibration intensities plus ten types of vibrations, equal to fifty types of variable frequency vibration massage sticks can definitely make you orgasm. Not to mention that the AV actress can't resist it, we mortals can't stand it at all, plus the cute pink appearance, the material is soft and comfortable, and the price is cheap.

USB charging allows people to charge the massage stick while using it. It is convenient to open an A-piece to watch it on a whim, grab the massage stick and use it again when it is out of power. How convenient!

If you ask me to recommend a massage stick? Of course I recommend. But it has a side effect. I have to remind me that its strength is really too strong. After long-term use, I don’t feel the sex anymore. Only by making love while turning the vibrator to the maximum intensity can I satisfy myself. Please don't use it too frequently.

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5. U-shaped vibrator

U-shaped vibrator is a V-shaped vibrator. One end is inserted into the female body and taps directly at the G-spot. The other end is used to stimulate the vulva and clitoris along the body. It can be used directly in this way, or the other half can be invited to insert it, and it is also a The vibrator is also very convenient to use to shake one's own or a man's nipples.

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6. Anal plug

Anal sex has a very long history in sexual intercourse. It is the basic steps for modern young people to have sex, such as kissing, touching breasts, lowering the body, entering, and anal sex. However, many people still reject and fear anal sex.

In fact, anal sex is very easy. As long as you have a regular bowel habit, or if you can figure out that a few hours before and after sex is not time to defecate, you can have anal sex, because the section from the front of the rectum to the anus is empty. Friends who are still afraid of hearing this will think that the anus is so small and the penis is so big, how do you get in? It doesn't matter, this is the time when anal plugs are needed.

The shape of the anal plug is a drop shape, from thin to thick, even the thickest part is not as thick as the penis, so anal plugs can be said to be a good toy to try anal sex. As long as the woman relaxes, lubricate the anal mouth with saliva, slowly insert the anal plug little by little, as long as the thickest part is passed, it will come to the thinner part and stop in your ass. When the penis is in the vagina and the anus is in the anus, it will produce a sense of fullness and a double sense of refreshment. If the female anus relaxes to a certain extent, the male can also help slide the anal plug back and forth slowly. At this time, the girl can forcefully imagine that she is in a 3P, and the male partner will not know it anyway, and she is very happy just thinking about it.

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7. Dildo

The fake penis has many different lengths and thicknesses, and many different colors. In terms of flesh color, it has many colors based on different races, such as: white, black, Latino, yellow, etc. . You can change male partners of different skin colors every day according to your own preferences and fantasies.

I personally recommend the one with a suction cup at the bottom of the fake penis. It can be sucked on the tiles on the floor or on the wall of the bathroom. It saves a lot of effort for your hands. When using it, you just need to cater to the fake when you have sex. Penis, maybe the free hand can be inserted into an anal plug by the way. When you recover, you will find that a night's time has passed without knowing it. Of course, fake penis can also be used with real penis. Let the male partner watch you play with a fake penis, he must immediately pounce on you, the fake penis can also enter the anus, or exchange positions with the real penis. 

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All sex toys are consumables. After a long time, the senses become less sensitive and become dependent on toys. It is recommended to use several different shapes, parts, electric/manual alternately, and try to use toys that allow both parties to participate in sex at the same time, let your partner also know your sensitive parts, adding points to long-term sex .